NQA Certificate 9001-2015_BG_ECOBULTECH AD
NQA Certificate 9001-2015_EN_ECOBULTECH AD

ECOBULTECH AD is the first collective take back system in Bulgaria which has been granted a licence for managing the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) by the Ministry of Environment and Water № OOp-05-01/19.05.2014. The company is a non-profit organization that takes over the obligations of producers and importers of electronic and electrical equipment, article 81, paragraph 1 and article 87, paragraph 1 of the Waste Management Law in Republic of Bulgaria.

ECOBULTECH AD together with its subcontractor and main partner Hefty Metals Ltd. organizes, controls and coordinates all the stages of the WEEE management, which include collection, transport , storage, treatment and recycling of WEEE.
 ECOBULTECH AD has created a widespread collection system operating in 142 cities in Bulgaria.
On the territory of its’ central base in Novi Iskar Hefty Metals Ltd. has built the most modern and largest factory for recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Eastern Europe. Design, construction, supply and entry into service were carried out by the German company Adelmann GmbH, which is a worldwide market leader in this field. Equipment Includes installation for the recycling of refrigerators and electronics, processing of picture tubes, a system for disassembly of small electronic waste, cutting machine of fluorescent lamps, distiller to extract mercury from other products containing mercury, incineration plant for polyurethane (PUR) foam and chlorofluorocarbons gases for heat recovery.
 From the submitted materials to the installation must be manually separated parts which can still be used for reuse, such as cables, mounting boards, engines and more.

Pre-treatment of discharge lamps to their constituent elements in an installation: treatment of fluorescent tubes - ECM, treatment of mercury and sodium lamps - HID Lamp Processor, are performed by Nadin Commerce in Plovdiv, South Industrial Zone - Part Five.
The purpose of our activity as a collective take back system is to release manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment from paying product fee to the state as we undertake their duty for collecting and recycling the waste electrical and electronic equipment . We have the facilities to collect and prepare for pre-treatment the discarded electronic and electrical equipment. We have developed bilateral agreement according to which the manufacturer or importer of electronic and electrical equipment assigns ECOBULTECH AD the obligation for the recovery of waste from discarded electronic and electrical equipment placed on the market. Manufacturers and importers who are contracted with ECOBULTECH AD receive a certificate which releases them from paying a product fee to EMAE - Enterprise management activities environment of Republic of Bulgaria.
The procedure for payment of product fee for manufactured or imported electronic and electrical equipment is streamlined. ECOBULTECH AD offers its members economically acceptable, effective solution to achieve their goals of separate collection, recovery and recycling of discarded electronic and electrical equipment, as grounded in the Bulgarian legislation.
At present ECOBULTECH AD has contracts with over 900 producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment.