If you have discarded household appliances and you want to give it for recycling, we can transport it from the place you want.

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What does it mean "free acceptance of discarded household appliances?”?
Every person can benefit from the service " free acceptance of discarded household appliances”. Companies can get more information on ECOBULTEX’s phones.

What appliances you can deliver and where?
Those pointed areas you can give away the following discarded equipment: large household appliances, small household appliances, IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer equipment, lighting, electrical and electronic instruments, electric and electronic toys, entertainment items and toys, medical devices; Instruments for monitoring and control; automatic machines.

What does its means "from the same type and performing the same functions”?
When you purchase an appliance from some of our partners, you may return for free an old appliance of the same species (performing the same functions), Art. 29 (2) of the Ordinance)


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